The Queensland Government has contracted Health Leaders Australia Limited (HLA) to serve as the Prevocational Medical Accreditation Authority for the State of Queensland, effective from 1 January 2015 for an initial contract period of 3 years.  The provision of prevocational medical accreditation services are required to meet the standards and other requirements of the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) and the Australian Medical Council (AMC).

HLA has established and registered the business portfolio ‘Queensland Prevocational Medical Accreditation’ (QPMA), to deliver the prevocational medical accreditation services to the state of Queensland for which it has been contracted by the Queensland Government.

A key function of QPMA is the development and implementation of an online accreditation portal for the sourcing and gathering of evidence to support accreditation applications by facilities that train, or wish to train, interns or residents in Queensland.   In the first instance, this portal will be utilised for the accreditation of facilities that train Interns.  The development of accreditation processes for PGY2 residents will be collaboratively undertaken during 2015 in readiness for implementation at the beginning of 2016.   This web portal is under development, and advice will be provided when it is ready for commissioning early in 2015.

Our accreditation standards are based on:

  • The Australian Medical Council Intern Training – National Standards for Programs
  • The Australian Curriculum Framework for Junior Doctors
  • Medical Registration Standards of the Medical Board of Australia

Our Accreditation Process

Medical facilities applying for prevocational medical accreditation status will prepare and submit online electronic applications and associated evidence for consideration by skilled, credentialed surveyors who meet Medical Board of Australia and Australian Medical Council standards requirements, who are appointed for this role. The appointed accreditation review team will review the applicable submitted accreditation application and associated evidence, to determine compliance with prevocational medical accreditation requirements for the education, training and associated support of junior doctors.

The Accreditation Review Team’s analysis and recommendations for facility accreditation will then be considered by the Accreditation Committee, supported by the Education Committee. Accreditation determinations of the Accreditation Committee will be submitted for endorsement to the Medical Board of Australia and the Medical Board of Australia-Queensland.

The accreditation process  will be facilitated by the relevant QPMA personnel and a secure, interactive online portal, for which each training facility or new applicant training facility and approved key personnel will be given  password-protected access and data repositories.  Accreditation Review Team, Accreditation Committee, and Education Committee members will have password protected access to the elements of the interactive online portal that are applicable to their information and business processes.

This interactive online resource is therefore a key collaboration and accreditation information repository tool for the accreditation process encompassing: work flow management; data capture and retrieval; sharing and managing documents; team and business calendars and meetings information repositories; bookings for survey visits and other activities; reports generation; and as a communications and client relationships management (CRM) tool

See Education and Training for more information on the Education Committee.