Education and Training

HLA is committed to the improvement of health outcomes for individuals and communities, whether in metropolitan, outer-metropolitan, or rural settings, by facilitating and effectively delivering training, education and support for the community and for healthcare and associated personnel. We aim to:

  • Develop and deliver non-accredited and accredited health promotion education and training programs for the community, and for healthcare professionals including accredited vocational and educational training (VET) and continuing professional development (CPD) courses.
  • Supporting flexible delivery education and training for the community and for health sector workers and associated support staff in communities where they are most needed.
  • Assisting the development of training facilities in identified areas of need to improve health outcomes and nurture and utilize local expertise.
  • Support the highest quality education and training for, and exposure to, hospital, general practice and other community primary health care services, from school students to undergraduates and practicing doctors.

Our Education Committee will guide and support our programs and services in this area. Its objectives include facilitating the development and promoting educational activities and programs for prevocational doctors and the community, collaborating to share ideas including curriculum delivery frameworks and resources, promoting best practice including facilitation of contributions for relevant conferences and conventions, and nurturing collegiate networks involved in undergraduate, prevocational andvocational medical education and training and integration with other education and training of other health care service providers.

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